See-Camping Altenburg-Pahna 


Altenburg 9 km

Old Castle from above

skat-honored with remarkable Royal Palace, a walking tour of
the old town is worth in every season
Tips for families with children: lovable Inselzoo on Great Pond, Movies


Kohrener Land 8km

Burg Gnandstein

rural idyll with the pottery town Kohren Sahlis.
Be sure to visit: Castle Gnadstein with new great exhibition
unforgettable view into the country
Tips for families with children: summer toboggan run in Kohren-Sahli
Super bike!


Leipzig 40km:

Leipziger Oper

City of the peaceful revolution, trade fairs, shopping town with a charming atmosphere - my favorite city!
For families: the breathtaking Leipzig Zoo with the unique tropical hall Gondwanaland


Dresden 100 km:


a must for lovers of culture, the capital of Saxony on the Elbe with the rebuilt Frauenkirche
For Active: Bikes take to small cycling tour along the Elbe to Pillnitz perhaps?


Weimar 80km:

Weimar - Onion Market

historic city of Goethe and Schiller
For city lovers festival: annual Onion Market in October


Erzgebirge 60 km:

Christmas wonderland for adults and children: a thousand lights, pyramids, carvings
Each year in Advent: uphill trains-mining tradition and love of home pur

Zwickau 40 km:

Schumann and automobile city, a shopping paradise
on the way there: Castles of the trough-Waldenburg, Wolkenburg

Castle Moritzburg 120 km


Built just outside Dresden, Augustus the Strong, the representative of hunting and summer residence
Precious porcelain, furniture and paintings
one of the largest collections in Europe Trophy
re-opened porcelain quarters the fabled "Moritzburg Feather Room"


Belantis 35 km

Experience the largest new federal states - a real adventure world
innovative activities - right mix of fun and relaxation
a worthwhile destination for families, whether as a day trip or leisure travel.
to 27 hectares, the guests offered in seven worlds Belantis a historic journey through time
with suitable food and entertainment


Leisure bad "Riff" 20 km

Leisure bad "Riff" Bad Lausick

Bad Lausick: thermal swimming pool water treatment and water channel, warm water,
Whirl loungers, outdoor saline pool, 3 - and 5-meter diving boards, tires and giant slide,
Toddler area, 6 different saunas,
Whirlpool, external peace, fireplace room,
Spa treatments, sauna bar, indoor and outdoor restaurant